Steve Jobs’ Legacy in Business and at Apple

Aside from the convenience of an entire line of Apple products, what did Steve Jobs really provide for the public? What did we learn from him? What was the value of his life? For Apple lovers, this year was an emotional roller coast, first he got sick, then he resigned because he got sick, and then he passed away. There isn’t an app for emotional distortion, is there?

There are a great number of concepts that Jobs’ life showed us. Curiosity, persistence, courage, and originality are the four that come to mind when looking back on a life of constant tinkering, examining, explaining and creating of tools that will be used for centuries to come.

Jobs began in his dad’s garage, taking things apart and analyzing every aspect of how they worked. He had a head start among his youthful generation, which only kick started his understanding of computers and technology. His need to learn brought him to early electronic development and eventually landed him a summer position with Hewlett-Packard, where he met the partner (Steve Wozniak) with whom he later founded Apple with.

One of the lessons that many sources quoted was to stay hungry and stay foolish. In order to stay hungry, Jobs always believed everything that happened was connected to you. In essence, Jobs believed that in order to be a good employee you need to fuel your company with branding, and then fade into the background of excellence that you are helping to create. In order to be a good person you must brand yourself, and let the company follow you.

Jobs believed in equality. He spread the power of the brand throughout the company and let the people who branded themselves carry the morality of the company on their own.


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