Turn your customer service reps into heroes

Customer Service
If you, the CEO, are constantly having to step in to hear and satisfy customer complaints, we got news for you. You’ve failed!
If you’ve done your job right, then you would be free to do what you have to do to keep the company going and your customer service team would be doing the rest, as it should be. In this day and age, the customer is truly king. Facebook, Twitter and their related social platforms have made this so, giving the consumer a ready and instant place in the town square of retail to raise the alarm against lousy service.
So it’s vital to gear your company toward the customer, starting from the top on down, from the CEO down to your customer service representatives. The theory is, if you make your employees happy, then, if done right, they will take care of your customers.
  • This of course, means hiring the right people the first time. When hiring, listen to them, engage them, ask them some tough questions. Separate the wheat from those just looking for a paycheck.
  • Instill in them that attitude is just as important as action. That is, it’s not enough to carry out a task, it’s important to do it with the right attitude. No one likes someone with a bad attitude.
  • Engage your employees, listen to them, praise them when necessary, protect and empower them, (hey, sometimes the customer isn’t always right) and correct them when you see them handling a problem wrong.
  • Speed is of the essence. Promote a culture and a mechanism within the company that answers emails and resolves complaints quickly and smoothly.
  • Promote a culture of transparency starting with your Web site straight to your office door. Admit to your team when you made a mistake. They will respect you more, and it will be easier for you to get them to implement new plans and strategies since you have the moral authority.


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