Tips for Finding a Job in Marketing

Searching for a career in marketing? One thing is true, it will call on you to manage all your selling skills. The idea is simple—how can you sell a product if you cannot sell yourself?

If you need a marketing job, here are some tips to help you succeed:

• Build relationships by becoming known in the field—you can start by volunteering at industry events. You will be able to expose yourself to the movers and shakers, and in return, they will begin to see how serious you are about marketing.

• Have a strong online presence, attentive and knowledgeable. Post comments on agency blogs that are practical and productive—it will leave you favorable in the minds of marketers.

• Online communications are good—but it doesn’t beat face-to-face communication. Emails and texting are not nearly as strong as direct contact with marketers.

• Constantly brushing up on your skills shows a commitment to improving yourself, and making you a more valuable player in the marketplace. Shore up your weaknesses, and always keep educating yourself in your career.

Talk with people in the field—these interviews will give you a wealth of information about the marketing field. Many executives will be happy to take a few minutes to give advice—and you will be building your network.

Rewrite, rewrite and more rewrites! Refining your job search tools will keep you and your skills sharp and vibrant. Can you present your objectives in less than 60 seconds, if you have to? Your ability to pitch yourself to a prospective employer—while riding the elevator, for example—will put you heads above the crowd. Make it a habit to fine-tune your resume, business card and your “elevator pitch.”


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