Time or Money: Which do You Value More?

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When it comes to resources, many people think of money as being our most important asset. This may be true if your life involves a lot of expenses that require money. For me, time is more important than money. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I need to do, professionally and personally. I would take a few extra hours over a few extra dollars any day. Here’s why:

Time is finite. Unless you live in a parallel universe, there are 24 hours in every day. Some of those hours will require you to sleep and fulfill other obligations such as going to work and feeding your children. Money, on the other hand, is fluid. You can manage it in a million different ways. Time has to be managed, but it has limits.

Money can always be made. If you lost every penny today, you would probably be devastated. However, you could start making more money again as soon as you woke up tomorrow. Time is not so flexible.

Time is not subject to interest or inflation. Your money, even though it is yours, is often out of your control. The stock market could change your net worth overnight. What you pay for a loaf of bread today might be double what you paid last week. Time is time, and you can control what you make of whatever time you have. Spend it with your family, work harder, serve those who are less fortunate than you, or spend it in quiet meditation. The value of time is not subject to the economy or your bank.


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