Three innovative approaches to your job search

Job Interview

This may be a bit too far, but if it gives you a leg up on the competition, go for it!

So the job search isn’t going well, and it’s time to pull some “out-of-the-box” tactics? Okay, fair enough, try these:


Use YouTube to get your point across. Even if you’re not in a creative field you can make a video (or get someone to help you) illustrating how you would solve a particular need or problem the company has. All that’s left is to include a link to the video in your resume or if you know your target’s LinkedIn or Twitter address, to send it on over and see what happens.

Show, don’t tell

Let’s say you got the interview, with or without YouTube’s help. Don’t waste the opportunity.  Let your interviewers know that you know the company’s goals and plans, (you do know them, right?) and how you, personally, can help it achieve its objectives. Break out a whiteboard if you have to, or use theirs and be prepared to do a presentation right there on the spot.

It’s a creative job? Make sure you’ve stocked your computer with the requisite material. Better yet, make sure the material relates somehow to the company’s objectives. One web designer I know got the job as the company’s chief web and information officer because she surprised them with a total redesign of the company’s web site and explained how it would help it grow.

You are a star

Be proactive. If you’re web savvy, what are you waiting for? These days, it’s very easy to create a customized Web site for free. This is great for you, because you can build one specifically geared towards getting a job with a particular company. Building one takes about an hour. Again, be creative; stock it with videos and presentations geared towards a particular theme. It could be about how you would solve a particular problem for the company or what makes you the best asset for the company above all else. You can devote whole pages to those ideas, and include your resume. See what we’re saying? Instead of just a resume, you can send out a customized, firing-on-all-eight, resume-on-steroids to your intended target, an almost guaranteed to get your foot in the door.



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