The Best Wines For Thanksgiving: Under $15

Thanksgiving Wine Choices

One thing to remember when choosing a wine for Thanksgiving dinner is that there is no “perfect” wine for your celebration. However, there are a few strategies to make smart wine parings for the holiday.

Drink what you prefer.

It is always beneficial to experiment with different wines, but don’t feel locked into a recommendation for a wine you know you won’t like—simply because you heard about it in a cooking magazine or local newspaper. If you do not like oak flavors, don’t be pressured into an extremely barrel-aged Chardonnay for your Thanksgiving dinner. Forget the hype and listen to your own tastes.

Buy in quantities.

Buying wine in bulk is the best way to save money. If you know the number of people to stay at the Thanksgiving table, it’s best to plan on one bottle per adult.

Start the meal with the best.

Thanksgiving can be a protracted affair, and your stomach will become less sensitive as the meal drags on. Start the night with your better choices, and move to less expensive wines towards the end.

Don’t break the bank.

The Thanksgiving table may not be the best place to crack open the $100 bottle of wine. A fresh, light taste can do the trick better than a pricey showpiece.

Five notable wine choices for your Thanksgiving dinner—all under $15:

Cono Sur Gewürztraminer, $12. The right flavor—a full-bodied, sweet white—to compliment your entire Thanksgiving dinner.
Perrin Reserve Cotes du Rhone Blanc, $10. A fabulous white at a bargain price.
Wild Pig Viognier, $9. For many, any holiday meal will involve shellfish of some kind. This wine works with both oysters as well as traditional Thanksgiving fare.
Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes, $14. Crios wines are always a solid choice. Hints of fruit—melon, pear, and tart green apple—allow this flavorful white to keep up with the juiciness of the turkey without being overpowering.
Trapiche Pinot Noir, $10. With its fed fruit and earthy flavors, this pinot is for the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Any dish—turkey, ham, or vegetarian shepherd’s pie—will be enhanced.


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