The Best Part-time Jobs for Seniors

It’s hard to believe but retirement, or at least the “permanent vacation” part of it can get kind of  boring after awhile. That’s because it’s a natural part of the human condition to feel wanted, to matter, to live a life with some sort of purpose.

That’s why many older people, some long into their retirement, are going back to work, at least part-time.

A part-time job in retirement also has other benefits too, including:

  • A way to sustain investment income and supplement pension income
  • A way to meet new people
  • Learn new skills

And what’s really great about working part-time in your retirement is there’s no real pressure for income. The kids are grown, the mortgage is paid and if you have a pension or two coming in with plenty of investment income, you have it pretty much made. You can pick and choose what you want to do, not what you need to do.

Here are some great part-time opportunities for seniors:

Start a money-making blog. The American Association of Retired Persons recently published an article about a retired couple who bought an RV and hit the road. But that’s not all they did, they also started a  Web site and a blog called RV Lifestyle. Through the money they bring in with ads and affiliates, they make just enough income to sustain their investments and to keep traveling.

Become a consultant. Many companies out there need help in solving a specific problem or completing a certain project. With your arsenal of life skills and experience, who better than to help them out than you.

Become a teacher

Whether it’s as a teacher or a tutor, seniors who have a background in education can easily go back and become a teacher or an adjunct professor.

Become a Tour guide

Museums and attractions across the country are always looking for tour guides and part-time historians to add another dimension to their organization.


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