The Best Books for Personal Finance

These books will help your wallet get fatter!

With the economy struggling to bounce back from years of recession and unemployment, everyone is thinking hard about personal finance goals. If you are struggling to save and pay down your debt load, you are not alone. It is time to begin strategizing in new and creative ways, to keep your personal finances healthy. If you do not already have a library of finance books, get started. Most of us have a lot of catching up to do, and here is our two cents on what you should be reading.

The Automatic Millionaire. David Bach has plans for you and will demonstrate how to follow them. His program for saving up a million dollars starts with something simple; drinking your coffee at home instead of overpaying for a latte at your favorite coffeehouse. This book has specifics for how to organize your personal finances and save for your future goals.

Miserly Moms. This title by Jonni McCoy shows you how to live frugally, and you do not have to be a mom to benefit from her excellent advice. Her great tips will help anyone get rich sensibly with common sense ideas and creative places to save.

The Total Money Makeover. This bestseller by Dave Ramsey has a lesson in it for everyone. The author became a self-made millionaire before he turned 30 and then lost it all when he went bankrupt. This is a great read for anyone struggling with debt, as Ramsey writes persuasively about the dangers of too much credit for most consumers.

Personal Finance for Dummies. If you appreciate and learn from the Dummies series of books, check out this one for simple instructions on how to manage your money.

Anything by Suze Orman. You have probably seen her show on CNBC, where she advocates saving every penny, avoiding debt and leaving your retirement fund alone. This personal finance guru tells it to you straight and any of her books will give you insight and help in planning a secure financial future.


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