How to Have a Career in Social Media

As the digital world continues to expand, more businesses and individuals than ever are on social media. Some companies run their own social media while other businesses hire individuals or agencies to handle their social media. In either case, this opens up the opportunity for several social media jobs. I mean, why not work on the same platform you spend … Read more

Steps to Building Credibility on Social Media

These days everyone is on the web, and a great percentage of them are on social networking sites. In fact, according to a Pew Research study as of August 2012, a total of 69% of online users in America frequent these sites. While this presents you with great incentive to carry your name and brand into the cyber-world, and an … Read more

Tips for Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

As with all forms of social media, Twitter has taken the business world by storm. About 4 years ago, Facebook started to become a fun new way for companies to socialize with their clients and advertise new products. Today, Twitter is taking the upper hand in 140 characters or less. The appeal of Twitter is packing in a lot of … Read more

How Small Business Owners Can Learn from the Best on Twitter

The thrill and freedom of owning your own business, particularly in today’s faltering economy, can easily be offset by the burden of being financially isolated and unstable.  In a poll taken of the most glaring issues confronting small business owners, the results were overwhelmingly similar across the board.  The scaled back spending habits of essential customers, increasingly desperate competition, and … Read more