Why It’s Important to Stay Connected to College Friends

Keeping in touch with your college friends is important whether they were roommates, sorority sisters, classmates or your debate team challengers. You should do more than catch up on alumni weekend; keep those relationships intact. When you stay connected to your college friends, you are opening up additional professional networking opportunities that should not be taken for granted.

6 Tips for Effective Networking

Networking is not just schmoozing at dinner parties, and going on lunch dates with important people. Networking can be hard work, and it’s very important for your business career! Networking can happen anywhere- at the doctor’s office, supermarket, or even online. Here are some tips to network at your best so you can build business connections and further your career.

Making Career Connections as a College Freshman

Believe it or not, even college students should be networking; this is the time in your life when connections need to be made for future career paths. The economy isn’t getting any better, and unless you plan on staying in school forever or going into the medical field this is you’re “in” to the working lifestyle. You probably don’t have … Read more