How to know when it is Time to Quit a Job

We’ve all been there. Going to work everyday to do something a trained monkey could do only to be greeted by a boss who looks at you as if you’re something questionable that he accidentally stepped in. You’re tired, you’re bored, and you’ve had enough. But, in an economy where jobs are few and  far between, you need to carefully … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Silver

Silver is a metallic metal that possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any metal. Bet you didn’t know that’s what was hanging around your neck all this time. Silver has been valued as a precious metal for many years and is now used as an investment, to make jewelry and ornaments, used as high-end tableware and currency. The latest price … Read more

Commonly Unknown Facts About Life Insurance

No one likes to think about the “Big Sleep,” but sometimes it can come sooner than we think. The average cost of a funeral can run you anywhere between 5 and $10,000 and if you haven’t been preparing for it, that is a big financial burden on a grieving family. Also, think about any debt that might be left behind … Read more