How to Deal with Neighbors that Bring Down Your Property Value

The unkempt grass, the old beat up fence, the chipped shingles, and the late night ragers that you weren’t invited to! Your neighbors have nerve and the lack of care and maintenance they put into their house is not only embarrassing but also detrimental to the value of your property as well. Here are some methods you can use to … Read more

How to Invest in Mutual Funds for a Little Money Each Month

You might have a hard time getting the attention of brokers and mutual fund managers if you plan on investing money little by little. While mutual funds are designed for small investors, most funds will not turn a profit on your money until you begin investing around $10,000. That doesn’t mean you should walk away from the market and save … Read more

The Best Books for Personal Finance

With the economy struggling to bounce back from years of recession and unemployment, everyone is thinking hard about personal finance goals. If you are struggling to save and pay down your debt load, you are not alone. It is time to begin strategizing in new and creative ways, to keep your personal finances healthy. If you do not already have … Read more

Intro Guide to Investing in the Stock Market

One of the primary methods for investing in your future is purchasing stock. However, many people are confounded by it. The math intimidates them and the risk of financial loss scares them away. Nothing is as intimidating as it seems and with risk comes great reward, especially with money.