It’s Not a Crime to be Frugal

  In a culture where consumerism is king and instant gratification is the norm, frugality is often looked down upon. When people think of frugality, they often think of people living in drab, poorly-furnished rooms with the heat turned off, cut off from the pleasures of life because they can’t bring themselves to spend money. 

Be frugal, not foolish

Recently, the U.S. News and World Report ran an article called “11 Secrets of Frugal Bloggers.” Here’s a breakdown of the points it covered: Ignore expiration dates on food. Stop drinking soda (or another beverage). Get rid of your carpet. Make your own cleaning supplies. Hold a no-spend month. Reuse plastic sandwich bags. Stop using a fridge. Replace your house … Read more

The top five coupon blogs

Woo hoo! Coupons! Why pay full price for something when you know somewhere out there on the Internet “there’s a coupon for that.” Problem is that while there are a lot of sites promoting and collecting coupons for all sorts of things, there isn’t any thought to presentation or design. So to help you out, Easy Financial Tips has a few … Read more