5 Actions you can Take in College to Prepare you for your Financial Future

College is the time of your life when you can kick back, relax, and go out every night with no shame, right? WRONG! As much fun as it is to go out every night, indulge in food that is not from the cafeteria on campus, and stock your fridge and cabinets with various “beverages”, all of these activities are making … Read more

Top Finance Blogs of 2013

With the amount of online resources that are available to us in today’s world, it is difficult to find which ones are the most reliable and informative. Filtering through numerous blogs to figure out which ones relate to your personal goals can be frustrating. There are thousands of blogs that share advice on how to manage your personal finances, but … Read more

The top five coupon blogs

Woo hoo! Coupons! Why pay full price for something when you know somewhere out there on the Internet “there’s a coupon for that.” Problem is that while there are a lot of sites promoting and collecting coupons for all sorts of things, there isn’t any thought to presentation or design. So to help you out, Easy Financial Tips has a few … Read more

Is Being a Jerk Good for Your Career?

Is being a jerk beneficial to your career? According to Cracked.com, it might be the case. A list of six things that sound bad for your career—but just might be good: