What You Should Know About Credit After Bankruptcy

So, you’ve found yourself in a financial rut and can’t seem to pay off the debt that’s been hanging over you for far too long. Declaring bankruptcy may sound like a great solution, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want a fresh financial start and a chance to rebuild their credit? But that fresh start doesn’t mean a clean slate. In … Read more

Budgeting Tricks and Treats

Managing your personal finances should not include a scream right out of a Halloween horror movie. If bills, receipts and mail seem to pile up, and you are not sure how much money you have in your checking and savings accounts, you could probably use some budgeting advice. Take a look at these budgeting tricks and treats, and keep the … Read more

The Best Books for Personal Finance

With the economy struggling to bounce back from years of recession and unemployment, everyone is thinking hard about personal finance goals. If you are struggling to save and pay down your debt load, you are not alone. It is time to begin strategizing in new and creative ways, to keep your personal finances healthy. If you do not already have … Read more