Things Used Car Salesmen Don’t want you to Know

What do used car salesmen tell you? Every salesman is out for their commission so they’ll say anything to get you to buy something. They are hoping that you haven’t spent hours on the computer looking at consumer reviews and technical specs about the product. They want to be able to talk you into buying something that may or may … Read more

Resolutions your Small Business Needs for 2012

Small businesses are in a unique position right now, with the economy teetering on the brink of recovery. There have been many challenges for small businesses over the last few years, but for those who have survived the financial turbulence, many opportunities as well. As 2012 approaches, your business should be mapping out its strategic plan for the coming year. … Read more

How to Start a Cupcake Business

Have you ever seen Cupcake Wars on the Food Network? It is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. These bakers/artists create the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes you have ever seen. I have a total respect for what they do because while I am really good at eating cupcakes, when it comes to baking them, my cupcakes turn out … Read more