Single-Tasking: The Secret To Success


Keep your calendar open!

We have all heard of multi-tasking; it is the basis of our increasingly complex life. There are many tools to help you run multiple tasks simultaneously—from self-help books to technology. Even though we all look to be more productive, many believe that multi-tasking is somewhat of a myth.

To accomplish any job or profession requires a level of competency. The way to competency is through a heightened sense of concentration. Therefore, for anyone to be truly successful, the heart is in power to single-task—focusing on one thing at a time, and doing it well.

Single tasking can be easy, if done right. Like multi-tasking, it does require a bit of work—these tips will help you be a better single-tasker:

Perform only one task at a time.

Single tasking is just that—one thing at a time. That means any distractions must be kept to a minimum.

Limit your list of tasks to only a few.

Of course, everybody has more than one thing to do, so the best way to achieve single tasking is to make a list of the most important tasks. Prioritize your to-do list, and remove everything that is not necessary, possibly delegating minor assignments to others.

Maintain an uncluttered workspace, with few (or no) distractions.

Distraction is what makes multi-tasking impossible for some, and the same is true for those who single task. Remove anything that will take your attention from the job at hand. No television, music or surfing the internet.

Write down your list, but don’t carry around the list all the time.

Manage your list of tasks; writing down will help you stay organized, but don’t make it a millstone around your neck—it could prevent you from getting anything done.

Do everything on the list until it is finished.

This is the most difficult part, yet the most rewarding. Once you have put everything down on paper, eliminated the drains on your attention and minimized the items on that list—it is now time to go to work!

Remember, if you put passion into being a dutiful single tasker, you will find yourself getting more accomplished, more effectively, and with more successes.


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