Salary Negotiation Tips


Negotiation skills—especially salary negotiation—is a gift that will help you in your career. Once mastered, these skills will significantly affect your earning power.

Some of the best negotiation tips:Research The Position.

Walk into the interview—or negotiations—with the information about the company and the position. Know the average salary range, with rewards such as bonuses and vacation time. Having reliable information is one of the first negotiation strategies.

Know Your Value.

Be confident about what you are worth, and what you contribute. The more help you can put on yourself and your talents, the better position you will have.

Focus On Experience.

This goes to building your appeal. You have the experience to bring to the table—and that is worth something. Remember, you are never “overqualified,” but “fully” qualified.

Prove Your Worth.

Now is the time to show your boss exactly what you can do for them. If you increased productivity or profits, make sure you tell them. If you can confirm your advantage without a doubt—paying a little more will be a no-brainer for employers.

Don’t Ask During The Interview.

The last thing you should do during an interview is ask about salary. Let the employer bring up the issue.

Show Enthusiasm for the Position.

The more excitement you can generate for the job, the better your chances of being paid what you are worth. Employers are more likely to increase the income of a person who appreciates their job.

Imagine Yourself In The Job.

For new hires, companies look for a good fit—in the position and the general culture of the organization. Visualize yourself in the job, and you will indicate that you are the best fit, and worth paying a little more.

Provide Alternatives.

Cash is not the only thing you see at work. If the company cannot meet your salary expectations, see if there are other ways of compensation. Incentives, bonuses, vacation time or other perks may counteract smaller paychecks.

Be a Good Salesperson.

This is the key to convincing salary negotiations. The most valuable commodity a person will ever sell is him or herself. Use your sales talents well, and your fight is half-won.

Stay In Control—Be Calm.

A lack of confidence has killed many a negotiation. Keep your emotions in check and don’t be anxious —it is not the end of the world.

Don’t Be Afraid To Walk.

If they cannot meet you where you must be, there is no shame in walking away from the negotiation table. Sometimes it is better to pass on a job than to take something far beneath your standards.


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