Resolutions your Small Business Needs for 2012


Small businesses are in a unique position right now, with the economy teetering on the brink of recovery. There have been many challenges for small businesses over the last few years, but for those who have survived the financial turbulence, many opportunities as well. As 2012 approaches, your business should be mapping out its strategic plan for the coming year. Here are three resolutions to help you succeed.

Get mobile- Forget about the computer, your customers are pulling up your site and statistics on their mobile smart phones. If your website is not easily translated on a mobile device, you need to update your technology and reach people on their phones. Make sure they can buy your goods and services there too. The hype surrounding QR codes has died down, but it doesn’t hurt to have one. Make sure your business isn’t looking dated.

Communicate better. Resolve to engage your customers in dialogue, whether through a blog, a Facebook page or a video series. With the attention span of the average consumer getting smaller and smaller, you want to make sure your precious seconds with that consumer count. Give them a reason to respond to you, whether it’s offering a coupon every time they share a video about your services or holding a contest on one of your favorite social networking sites. Ad wizards call this ‘engagement.’ I just call it paying attention.

Protect your employees. Your business may be a little edgy during these financial times, and so are your workers. Remember that employees are more concerned than ever about job security, financial stability and personal crises such as foreclosure and bankruptcy. Even if you can’t give them a raise or a bonus this year, make a resolution to let them know in 2012 that you appreciate and value them. Encourage professional development, buy a few lunches or add an extra day to their holiday time off.


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