How to Save on Doing the Laundry

clothes line

It is probably one of the worst feared chores all over the world. Doesn’t matter if you are beating it against a rock or have a remote to tell it to switch to spin cycle, laundry is the most tedious chore out there. Now can you imagine paying for it? College students, apartment residents, and single guys whose girlfriends are out of town need to venture to the nearby laundry mat to get their clothes clean. So aside from the need to pass the time between switching machines and folding, how can you save money on laundry? Try making a laundry budget.

1. Cut the dryer sheets in half. One box will now last you twice as long saving you money on each box.

2. Dilute laundry detergent. Use an old bottle and pour half of the new bottle in the old one. Fill the reminder of the bottle with water. Your clothes will still get clean and you will save money on the expensive brands.

3. Line dry your clothes. It may seem a little old fashioned, but line drying your clothes will save you money.

4. Do less laundry. Clothes can be worn more than once. Use a bath towel for a week before changing to a new one. Layer your clothes and sweaters and jackets won’t need to be washed as much.

5. Do all your laundry at once. When the dryer has time to cool down it takes more energy for it to heat back up. Dry your loads back to back, while saving energy in the process.

6. Wash clothes in cold water. A lot of fabrics wash and wear better in cold water, so set your cycle to cold water wash and save energy at the same time.

7. Double spin your clothes. Wring out your clothes a second time and cut down on drying time


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