Career Advice: Pros and Cons of Taking an Apprenticeship

As the years come to a close, students start to think about a way to get out of the classroom and into their desired career field. Internships and apprenticeships are the best way to get into your chosen career path. Today, apprenticeships remain a popular choice for young people, hands on experience is what the working world is looking for. As an apprentice, you are a professional in training. However, could this out of the classroom experience have a downside? What are the pros and cons of taking an apprenticeship?

As an apprentice you will go to work and be treated like an employee. You will be taught the skills on the job and learn through practice. However, this is not a substitute for class requirements, just an addition. You will need to motivate yourself to take on both at once and perform at the same level.

The draw for most people is that you get to go to work, while you are still in training- this means a paycheck. You will also need to take a professional approach, more so than in the classroom environment. You will be representing their company and your future career options, which means always showing up for work and putting effort into your training the same way you do for school, if not more.

This being said, what are some alternatives to apprenticeships? Is there a course in school that could teach you the necessary skills for your career path? Could you go out and get a job close in the position you are looking for? There may be companies that offer the training, if you don’t have the experience.


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