Financial Pros and Cons of Moving Home After College

You made it! You graduated! You now have the degree your parents always wanted. Now what? You have two options:

get a job, end your social life, and move out,


wait a while, you need to find yourself, and move back home.

But how does any 20-something youth justify moving back in with Mom and Dad, their roof, their rules, and more chores and responsibilities. Here are the pros and cons to moving back in.

Even if your parents do make you chip in a little bit with the expenses, it will be tons cheaper than any apartment rent. This gives you the opportunity to save money. You also have to think about a job. Is it economically beneficial for you to live on your own if you don’t have set employment plans? Are you considering grad school? There is no reason to spend extra money if you don’t have to. Save it, budget, and get a nice place instead of some dump you can afford as long as you’re living on the ramen noodle diet. Also, take it as a time to get closer to your family. My brother and I got much closer when I came home from college. We were closer in age and were able to relate to each other better.

On the other hand, it is a hassle to convince your parents that your house is ground zero for every major occasion. They hate the loud music, you mess up the kitchen and don’t clean it up immediately, and they are always trying to act like the “cool” parents. But if you spend too much time at someone else’s house you get reamed for not being home. What about your privacy, do you even have that anymore? It’s there house and their rules, but why does that require them to go in your room and “put away laundry.” The money savings may not be worth it.

It all comes down to the kind of parents you have and whether or not you have given them a reason to be suspicious at times.


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