Professionals in Passion

Hey, is that Tim Tebow? Nah!

Although the days of the village Yenta may be over, love is the one thing you can count on never to go out of fashion.  A wide array of dating services, events, and even professions exist to facilitate the euphoric chemistry between two individuals searching for their soulmate.  Dating coaches have supplanted the traditional role of professional matchmaking, but hinge on many of the same timeless principles.  If you have a good sense for people and unraveling the mysteries of romance, consider pursuing a career as a relationship advisor.

The first step, naturally, is to build a customer base of solid prospects.  Never pass up an opportunity to meet new people at institutions that attract eligible singles such as bars or nightclubs.  Before you forge a legitimate business, start small by trying your hand at the art of matchmaking and setting up a few friends.  In the early stages your only compensation may be the satisfaction of a job well done, but this will prove invaluable experience for the future.

Once your business is up and rolling, never underestimate the value of publicity.  Create business cards, flyers, advertisements, and attractive websites to reel prospective customers in.   This will not only serve to promote your name but to afford legitimacy to a profession often marred by charlatans and opportunists.  Distribute advertisements as often as you can to as many as you can, especially at dating conventions and other single’s events.

Always maintain a face-to-face relationship with clients so that they feel you are personally invested in their search for romantic fulfillment.  This will also allow you to better evaluate interest, personality quirks, and preferences that may help to link them to another individual.  Make sure you are readily available to answer any questions or quandaries and call often of your own accord to demonstrate commitment and monitor any ongoing relationships.

Keep meticulous records of successes as well as failures, not only for personal edification but as a tool for clients to better appreciate your unique skillset.  Lastly, keep your rate of pay flexible and reasonable.  A satisfied customer in love will tend to over-compensate you out of elation, whereas an unsatisfied customer, if handled incorrectly, can cause irreparable damage to your reputation.  In the case of complete disasters, cut your losses and extend your expertise for free to avoid defamation of your dating service.  Rife with an array of complications all its own, professionalism and passion can nonetheless prove a fruitful union for those individuals with an intuitive sense of matchmaking.


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