Preparing for a Performance Review


Performance review time is your opportunity to brag about yourself a little, especially if it means getting more money for the work you do. Sitting down with your supervisor to discuss your work and your goals for the coming year is a good time to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you are prepared for your review. Enter the meeting with documented examples of what you have done to shine, and impress your boss by asking for additional challenges and responsibilities.

Keep a review file all year long. You do not want to scramble to collect examples of your great work hours before your performance review. Keep an electronic and a paper file of any outstanding examples of your work. Include notes from people expressing their appreciation, problems you solved or ways you have provided service that goes beyond your job description.

Be organized. Show up to the review with a simple one-page sheet that explains your growth and achievements. Use whatever format makes the most sense, a spreadsheet, an outline with bullet points, or a single PowerPoint slide. Send it to your boss ahead of time if possible, so he or she knows what you are prepared to discuss.

Make notes about your personal and professional goals. Talk candidly about what you would like to be doing within the company. If you have skills and talents that you do not think are being used, remind your boss about what else you can contribute to the team and organization. Ask your supervisor about any areas that could use improvement, or if there are any other projects you might be able to help with.

Practice negotiating your salary request. If you are asking for more than what is often given during a review, be prepared to back it up.


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