Other Avenues for Online Payment Outside of PayPal

PayPal is one of the most widely used forms of online payment and invoice management in the world. But for those who have had bad experiences with PayPal or are cautious about putting their information online you may want to take a look at a few well-known alternatives. One thing about financial security online is that consumers are constantly getting pushed aside by new technologies. Keep your financial options open when it comes to transactions.

1. Checkout.google.com – Still in the small stages compared to PayPal, Google Checkout is a middle man solution, storing all the necessary information and transferring funds to various accounts. While not a big player just yet, recent predictions indicated that Google Checkout could mainstream very soon.

2. Moneybookers.com – This is a UK–based option that is regulated by the FSA. This is clearly a worldwide option for money transfers. This alternative has an extensive transaction history database. Money Bookers has a flat rate fee and uploading is free with each account.

3. Amazon Payments – The trusted financial relationship you have with Amazon.com and their super low prices is now available in your online payment system. Fees are per transaction and start from 2.9 percent + .30 per transaction on volumes over $3,000.

4. Digital River – A U.S. based company has worked with just under 40,000 online stores. Digital Rivers caters to each individual company as their clientele grows. Their customer service is highly regarded. They even take the hit if a product needs to be returned.

There are many alternatives to PayPal, it’s your personal preference to use these financial programs. Most of them have highly capable security settings in order to keep all information and account numbers private, and they all have the ability to safely deposit and receive money in all financial transactions.


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