How to Keep Employees Engaged and Motivated

It’s no secret that the recent economic crisis has left us all in doubt of the future, and this can make it hard to stay focused and motivated in moving forward. In the workplace, a leaders job is to keep employees engaged and motivated in achieving long term goals. Here are some tips on how to do that.

1.)  Keep everyone informed- Many employees may be worrying about their job security at this time, as well as wondering how the company is doing. By keeping everyone in the loop, you will avoid unproductive energy that could effect the entire office.

2.) Recognize and praise- Make sure to acknowledge successes as well as areas that need improvement, to show the group that it is something they all need to work at. Letting your staff know that you appreciate their hard work will keep them optimistic and driven. A good way to keep up morale is to publicly acknowledge a major success in the office

3.) Give them a voice- Your employees are there to help you grow the business, you don’t always have to take their input, but simply asking for their ideas will encourage them to think outside the box and give them incentive to keep pushing.

4.) Set challenging goals- People will strive to achieve goals that are set for them, so why not aim high? This will make employees work hard to accomplish them, and keep them engaged in the company’s progress.

5.) Lead by example- if you expect your employees to stay optimistic and motivated in achieving company goals, you need to show them that you are working just as hard to reach them. Teams look for direction and leadership, so give them an assured example to follow.



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