How Education Affects Your Future Earnings

The first thing that needs to be addressed is that school starts with the parents. There is very little control given to a first grader when they start going to school. However, it does get to a point where the student has to be the primary driver of their educational career. This is the time that students need to realize that what they take from their education is directly associated with their future career options.

It’s an unfortunate economic situation that we are pushing this generation into right now. There are not as many guarantees when choosing a career as there used to be. Most students are staying in school for as long as they can in order to wait out the recession, which has decreased the job pool and put experience professionals back on the market for major corporations to sift through.

One major conflict for high school students is standardized tests. These have been disproven many times to have nothing to do with what knowledge a student actually maintains or the level of their skills. There were a great many geniuses in history that failed certain classes and tests and still managed to do great things.

A big part of the career world is the connections you make and especially, the ones you keep. Connections, for however brief open up all kind of avenues and new pathways to prominent career industries. Find the best possible mentors in school, college, jobs, and internships, and then make it a point to keep in contact. They can provide beneficial career advice you need.

Finally, learn to think outside the box in everything that you do. For example, a lot of exposure is happening via social media platforms. This gives students and career professionals the opportunity to create a brand for themselves.


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