Help Kids and Schools by Donating School Supplies

Remember your first box of crayons? Whether it was the fat ones that come six to a pack or the box of 64, we had them, coloring was fun and little did we know, we were learning. Not all kids have that experience.

Didn’t it always seem like schools had all the supplies we needed? That’s not always the case either, especially in our current economic climate.

As we head into the “back to school” season, consider purchasing an extra notebook, backpack or set of pencils and donating it to needy students. Organizations that can help you with that include, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the United Way. Staples is also a great place to start. The office-supplies retailer has created the “Staples for Students” campaign.  The “Staples for Students” campaign encourages students to create local school supply drives.

However, you don’t need Staples to create a school supply drive. Get with friends, your church or other parents and head to the store. Also, if you have school age children, talk to their teachers about items you can donate to their classrooms. They will definitely appreciate it.

Whatever you do, do something. Giving back is important, whether from a karmic (pay it forward), spiritual (it’s better to give than receive) or financial (tax write-off) standpoint. In this case, you are investing in a positive future for all our citizens. That’s money well spent.


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