Getting Hired When You Are Overqualified

job interview

Searching for a job in this economy is a challenge. With the unemployment rate refusing to drop fast enough, professionals who are out of work are becoming desperate, willing to take any job that comes with a paycheck. If you once had a high-level job, you might find that you are overqualified for the positions that are available. You would probably like to get hired for them anyway, even if it means working for less money and having fewer responsibilities. Employers may see you as overqualified, however, and be unwilling to hire you. What’s the best way to get around that?

First, acknowledge that you are overqualified. It does not help to pretend you will be perfectly happy as an assistant if you were once a director. Employers know what the employment market is like. They will appreciate your candor and honesty.

Discuss the benefits of the position you are applying for. In your cover letter or interview, mention why you want the job and how it will serve your overall career goals. You could say that it is a good opportunity to update your computer skills or sharpen your research abilities. A lower level position may give you the opportunity to focus on tasks that you have not had to manage for several years. This could be a good thing, and you need to demonstrate that you see it that way.

Express your commitment to the company. A recruiter may worry that by hiring you for a job you are overqualified for, you will bolt as soon as you find a better opportunity. Explain that you see this position as a good way to get your foot in the door at a company you have long admired and would like to work for. Talk about wanting to grow within that organization.


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