An Employee’s Guide to Flirting in the Workplace

office flirting

Most people spend Monday through Friday working. Working with the same employees day in, day out. Flirting comes naturally to humans; it’s a special way of behaving, which manifests itself in various forms of attracting attention. Flirting is when two people, usually of the opposite sex, share signs of attention, which have an erotic subtext. Flirting comes in many forms, a giggle, a graze, a suggestive comment or compliment, and everyone takes it differently. So, is this suggestive form of behavior right for your 9-5 office job? What does your employee handbook say about this kind of behavior?

Pros to Flirting in the Office

Flirting launches hormones of happiness, keeps a person in tone, and enhances self-esteem. This could make the employees that work for you a lot happier when they are at work. If a woman gets a nice compliment or a “Hey, how you doing,” from the cute guy in the office down the hall, she might be more apt to bring her best to the conference room that day. Men feel a little more like men when they know a woman is giving them the eye or laughing at all their jokes.

Cons to Flirting in the Office

It’s the stuff of great soap operas. No office is complete without a little drama, some love triangles, and the one who sleeps with everyone. This can put quite the damper on everyday office life. If the secretary is mad at her boss for not calling after a date or showing another woman more attention, the copies might not get made, the coffee will be cold, and the client won’t get sent back to the office. If something serious is happening with another employee, it is best to take a look at the employee handbook to see what kind of policies your company has in place.

Like everything in life, flirting should be performed at an appropriate time and with the right level of intensity.


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