Difficult Jobs that Will Eventually Make You Rich

difficult jobs

You don’t have to be a stockbroker, Hollywood actor or brilliant brain surgeon to earn a huge income and retire early to spend your riches. There are lots of other jobs available that will allow you to earn a fairly high income. If you’re willing to put the effort in and do the difficult work that other people are less willing to do, you might have a shot at real wealth. Here are some of those difficult jobs that will eventually make you rich:

Never heard of this occupation? You might want to consider it, especially if you are interested in eventually earning up to a six-figure income. Boilermakers construct and maintain steam boilers and boilerhouse materials, which are essential in most industrial settings. It’s not easy work; hand tools and power tools are involved and you will be covered in safety gear all day long. However, the starting salary is right below $60,000 per year and the average boilermaker salary creeps towards $100,000. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about machines, safety regulations and steam.

Oil Drill Operators
There is inherent danger when working in the field of oil exploration, as we learned with the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico years ago. However, if you are willing to get dirty and work hard, operating oil drills can earn you big bucks. You will be required to set up and operate drills that remove gas and oil from the earth. Your hourly rate will be at least $30, and you will probably get to travel. The biggest boon is in Alaska right now. Considering this job may be difficult, but it could offer big returns and eventually make you rich.

Transportation Inspector
If traffic drives you crazy, this might not be the job for you. It’s difficult work, but you will be compensated well. Transportation inspectors monitor all methods of transportation to ensure people and cargo are safe on the roads, railways, waterways and airways. This difficult job might require you to inspect freight on trains, check out planes at the airport or study the effect of vehicles on roads and bridges. You will easily make over $100,000 per year once you put in a few and the starting salary for a transportation inspector is around $65,000.

Elevator Work
If you can handle installing and maintaining elevators, you might be looking at around $105,000 per year. These jobs are in high demand, and they are not easy. You will need to understand every intricate detail of an elevator and how it works and you will be on call to repair any elevator that needs work with everything you do being precise and perfect. It’s not all elevators, either. You will need to understand escalators and dumbwaiters, too. The best state to go to work as an elevator repair person is Massachusetts.

Jobs like these are considered “blue collar” by the American workforce. You probably do not need a college degree for any of them, but your salary will be on par with what your college educated peers are also making. A few classes in engineering or physics wouldn’t hurt, but the best way to make good money with these difficult jobs is by starting at the bottom of the pack and working your way up.


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