How to Budget During the Holidays

budget your funds

We all love the season of giving (and receiving). Christmas is right around the corner, and we’re in the prime window to get some shopping done. Seeing as though most of our wallets are a little thinner than last year, here are some tips that can help you save money, and frustrations, on finding the perfect gifts this holiday season.

Limit yourself- Make sure you lay out a specific limit this year, whether it is dollar amount per person or number of gifts per person. Recognizing your spending limit and reminding yourself to abide by your allotted budget will help keep you from overbuying.

Make a list- I’m infamous for picking up things ‘here and there’ for loved ones’ Christmas gifts. This has lead to terrible money saving issues. Start a list, or keep one through the year, of what gifts to purchase. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, and budgeting for. Plus, everyone gets exactly what they want!

Get tough- Pump yourself up and take advantage of door buster sales, which get popular around Christmas. The lines may be long, and ruthless, but you’ll be sure to save money if you have lots of presents to purchase. Arduous as it may seem, tackling Black Friday to complete your Christmas shopping is a great idea.

Ship it direct- Instead of having your gifts shipped to you, ship them to the recipient. For instance, my husband and I are traveling to Virginia this Christmas. It has saved me a lot of frustration, and money, by having my gifts pre-wrapped and shipped home from the retailer instead of having to basically pay to ship them twice, whether that’s by UPS or in my luggage.

Shop around- Find out where to save. If there is a particular gift you desire, compare prices through different retailers. Department stores, online retailers and second-hand retailers offer a variety of prices on the same products- the shipping time is where a difference can be sought. Do your research, or visit to see a side-by-side comparison of prices and places to buy. Remember to look out for estimated shipping time and costs!


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