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5 Things Everyone Needs to Know about Medicare

As life progresses and we grow older, there is a time we all must start to think about long-term care and life after being a working professional. Most of us would like to imagine a time when we can retire comfortably, but with social security quickly depleting that dream might be a little further away than we like. Eventually, long-term … Read more

How to Dispute Errors on your Credit Report

Your credit report is probably the single most important document in your financial life; it affects whether you are eligible for loans, housing, employment, everything. Having incorrect information on your credit report is bad in itself, but it becomes extremely problematic when the misinformation is damaging. Make sure you’re on top of the information on your credit report so that … Read more

Things Used Car Salesmen Don’t want you to Know

What do used car salesmen tell you? Every salesman is out for their commission so they’ll say anything to get you to buy something. They are hoping that you haven’t spent hours on the computer looking at consumer reviews and technical specs about the product. They want to be able to talk you into buying something that may or may … Read more

What You Should Know About Credit After Bankruptcy

So, you’ve found yourself in a financial rut and can’t seem to pay off the debt that’s been hanging over you for far too long. Declaring bankruptcy may sound like a great solution, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want a fresh financial start and a chance to rebuild their credit? But that fresh start doesn’t mean a clean slate. In … Read more