Benefits of the New iPhone

With the new iPhone, your old iPhone might as well be one of these guys.

According to brand loyalists and all folks who refuse to use any other smart phone, the new Apple iPhone 4 is better than the model before it. The iPhone 4S is 24 percent slimmer than the iPhone 3, measuring in at only 9.3mm thick. There are two cameras on the updated model: the traditional location on the back and a new location is front-facing. The battery on the new model is exponentially stronger, providing a longer battery life.

Equally important as the physical improvements, there are a host of other features and applications available with the new iPhone. The operating system, called iOS4, was rolled out at the same time as the iPhone 4. With additional storage, improved display screen resolution and the ability to record high definition video, the new iPhone fulfilled its goal of making its predecessors obsolete before any other brand had the chance.

PC World and other electronics review sites have lauded the new iPhone’s clarity when it comes to color and display. The textual fuzziness with the earlier phone has been resolved, and experts believe the color is sharper and more vibrant than ever. Using your phone as an e-reader is much easier with the new iPhone. While the screen is small in comparison to a tablet computer or an actual e-reading device, you can use the phone to sync with digital books.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 at his annual conference, he called it “the most precise thing and one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever made.” Users and analysts have agreed that it is a sleek, high performing piece of nearly perfect technology. Starting at between $199 and $299, most consumers agree it is worth the money.


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