Attracting Additional Twitter Followers

Twitter is over five years old now, and has gained popularity around the world as a way to share short and sweet messages with any person or business that happens to be following you. I don’t know how many Twitter followers you can boast of, but I have 211. That’s fine for me, but if you are an internet business with a marketing strategy that depends on social media, you probably want more than that. There are services out there that can help you attract additional followers. In fact, you can even buy followers. Consider how important your tweets are to your business before you invest in these business models.

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms is one way to get help attracting Twitter followers. They will charge you based on your business goals and how many followers you think you need in order to run a successful social media strategy. For example, one company will deliver 1,000 followers for $55, and 20,000 followers for $850.

There are other marketing services you can use that will not charge you per follower. You can enlist the help of a social media consultant to design an overall Twitter strategy for your business. There are companies that specialize in viral marketing and social networking to develop a strategy for reaching customers and developing content that will sell on Twitter. Boutique digital advertising firms are also available to help you create a Twitter account and brand that can attract followers and target customers or clients that you want to have paying attention to your Twitter feed.

I will stick to my 211 followers and slowly grow. Of course, I use Twitter to wax poetic and share interesting links I find on other Twitter feeds. If my business or income depended on it, I would probably be signing up for all the help I could get in attracting additional followers.


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