All Aboard: Getting a Job as a Cruise Social Director

Cruise Ship

The high seas awaits!

How many times have I said to myself I should have gotten a job on a cruise ship? Putting in your work hours cannot be that bad when you are sailing the high seas, especially if you have time off to enjoy at the various ports of call. Cruise ships offer lots of entry level positions and one job you might want to consider, if you are social and outgoing, is the job of social director. Cruise ships like to have a social director on board who can help guests choose activities, entertainment and on shore excursions. You will have to do terrible work, such as attend cocktail parties, mingle with guests and talk about all of the fun things there are to do on board and at port.

Develop a resume that will be attractive to cruise ship companies. For a social director position, highlight any experience you have in the travel and hospitality industry. Even being a waitress or a retail employee will be helpful because it will show that you have people skills.

Reach out to cruise lines. All of the major cruise lines have HR departments who are actively recruiting. It will be helpful if you live in a port city, such as Miami, New Orleans, San Diego or Baltimore, but it is not an absolute necessity. Contact the major carriers such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian and others to find out how the hiring process works.

Be prepared to commit to at least a year. While the job is a lot of fun and will enable you to travel, it is not a 9 to 5 job, and you will have to work weekends and holidays. Clear your personal calendar for several weeks at a time, and prepare to leave your friends and family members behind. You can promise to send postcards.


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