Affordable Holiday Travel

Ahhh, holiday breaks from university; a time to catch up on laundry, brag to your family about exemplary final marks and to get away from your roommate and his Modern Warfare marathons. Worrying about how you’ll manage to stand your great aunt Gertrude’s incessant spitting comes second to wondering how exactly you can get home without breaking the bank.

If you have to fly home, secure your tickets as early as possible. Waiting until you’re days out of Christmas is the absolute worst time to try and get affordable airfare. Also, one-way tickets tend to be a little more expensive than multiple stops. If you accept a little longer travel time between plane rides, then you can enjoy a ticket that won’t leave you strapped for cash. Southwest Airlines boasts incredibly low fares and they don’t charge you extra bag fees- perfect for bringing gifts (or laundry) home with you.

When airfare is out of the question for your bank account, consider long-distance travel by train. This gloriously old-fashioned transportation method is exponentially cheaper, not to mention more comfortable.

Carpooling isn’t only for middle-aged executives. Splitting sky-high gas bills isn’t the only benefit with traveling companions, but you’ll also have a more enjoyable experience. Six hours on the interstate will pass much easier when you have someone to talk to, and you’ll avoid travel fatigue by switching drivers at a halfway mark.


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