5 Unique Interview Tips for Getting the Job

Go into that interview with confidence.

Everyone is in dire need of a job. But once you get that phone call for the interview, how do you prep? Do you prep at all? How do you ensure that you’re going to get the second interview or the job offer? There are certain things that every employer wants to see in their future employees. But doesn’t everyone know these tips, how do you get an edge over the competition?

Have questions ready that relate your particular field of research to the job you are interviewing for. For example, if you are an accountant and you know that the company just signed a deal with an accounting software vendor ask questions regarding the implementation. Do your homework? Follow the news reports on a big merger happening, ask about reorganization possibilities, engage yourself as if you already have the job.

How do you answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses? Carefully. For your strengths, focus on what skills you are good at that are beneficial to your job. And give examples of these skills in action. With your weaknesses you want to take the time to focus on things that can be fixed or that you have been working on. For instance, you can talk about creating complicated spreadsheets and classes or tutorials you have taken to improve your data presentation.

If your interview is around lunch time, take a trip down there a day or two before the interview. This will help you become familiar with the area, the traffic at that time, and the hotspots your interviewer might frequent. Make sure you have your accomplishments down so that you can easily work them into different parts of the interview. Take notes during the interview and bring several copies of your resume, references, and cover letter. You never know when you might get a second interview, in which case the notes would come in handy.


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