5 Apps that Will Make you More Productive


We live in a time where we never go anywhere without our mobile devices. Since we use our cell phones and tablets for every aspect of our lives, it makes sense to utilize them to help us be productive with work and business as well. With so many different iPhone and Android applications dedicated to business and organization, there are a lot of options to choose from that would be advantageous to you and your everyday life. Here are five apps that will make you more productive.

1. TurboScan. ($1.99)

Goodbye large scanners and fax machines! TurboScan helps turn your iPhone, smartphone, or tablet device into a multi-page scanner for documents, receipts and notes on the go. Using the camera on your mobile device, just take a photo to scan your documents, and store them as high resolution JPeg or PDF files. Using TurboScan, you can open your files into other applications such as DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Evernote to send to clouds or fax apps too.

2. DropBox for Teams. (5 Users $795 a year, add $125 for every additional user)

Although this is a pricy application, it makes sharing files and collaborating with business teams very simple and easy. This app allows businesses to collaborate and share documents from a number of different devices and formats. Storage begins at 1,000 GB, but additional storage can always be added. Privacy settings can allow documents to be confidential, or open so that clients can access your files and collaborate as well. Adding DropBox to one of your mobile devices will allow the application to work on any device you own, and automatically updates on all devices whenever you change something on one.

3. iProRecorder. ($2.99)

This application turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable recorder of the highest quality. You can use this app to dictate personal notes, record lectures, interviews, and any audio you’d like. With the touch of a button, store and listen to recordings on your devices and e-mail them as iTunes audio files. There are three play back speeds, pause and resume during recording options, no limit to recording length, and the app gives you the ability to rename and rearrange recordings for optimum organization.

4. CardMunch. (Free)

CardMunch is used to digitize the business cards that you trade in corporate settings and at networking meetings. Instead of keeping track of all those small business cards and having them clutter up your life, this app allows you to take a picture of any card that you receive, and upload it into your CardMunch application. All of the information loaded into the app will instantly turn the information into a contact on your device, making it easy for you to find and manage all of your connections. CardMunch has been recently purchased by LinkedIn, so the app will also automatically find the person’s LinkedIn profile (if they have one) and make a connection with your profiles for networking.

5. Bank of America. (Free)

Bank of America’s Banking application makes it easy for you to handle business and personal bills on the go. You can make immediate transfers into accounts, keep track of bill pay for multiple bills, and even transfer money into colleagues and employees accounts. This application makes managing business finances simple and effortless while on the go.


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