3 Brands I Love

I have never been much a brand person. I have always taken quality, price, and usage into consideration before I made a purchase. While Nike may have been a better, well-known, brand I would sneak into a low grade shoe store and find a less expensive option.

However, as time has gone on and financial avenues have opened up, I have taken into consideration that cheap, might not always be better for long-term materials. One must also remember that your purchases of a specific brand is how one starts investing their time with a company. Investing with the same company over time is how you can buy coupons.

What girl doesn’t love a new bag? I am not talking about spending a down payment for a Volkswagon on a Coach purse; I am referring to a homey, colorful, good quality Vera Bradley bag. These bags are soft, quilted patterned, bags that can go in the washing machine and don’t cost you hundreds of dollars. The web nsite constantly has sales on select styles and patterns. They reward frequent customers with free money by offering free shipping and exclusive access to sales. Four new patterns come out every season and the styles cater to every personality.

I never drank coffee until I got to college, but Starbucks is a brand that has stolen my heart and I will never drink coffee from anywhere else. I don’t drink it every day, but the times that I treat myself it’s all about the bucks. The shops offer wi-fi, a good selection, and their recent food menu update is surprisingly pleasant.

My last brand isn’t one that can really be named. I enjoy things that are homemade and have no brand name at all. Etsy is a great place to find “brands” that you wouldn’t necessarily see on a store shelf. Homemade items tend to have a certain something special. They add finesse and artistic leverage to all products.


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